Monday, 13 March 2017

Another Break...

Hey beautiful people,

I am taking another blogging break and not sure when I'll be back, the last couple of years I have been in that place in which when it rains it pours kind of luck thing going on and the whole no matter what you seem to do you just keep getting whacked by life and it just all keeps falling apart... it's all been a lot to deal with and has been very much so triggering to my mental health struggles, I'm being open with those in my support system and trying my best to hold on and do what's best for my recovery. For now I need to step away from blogging for a bit and focus on me, I'm also more in a place of wanting to write song lyrics than inspirational and motivational pieces though they all serve a purpose.

I'm so sorry if I haven't caught up with some of you in awhile and I thank you all for popping in and leaving such lovely and supportive comments and just being so supportive as a whole. I promise when I come back I will catch up with you all once again.

With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Friday, 10 March 2017

February Favourites!
With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Rebel With A Cause!,420x415,f8f8f8-pad,420x460,f8f8f8.jpg

There is only one of you who is exactly you, you are your own no one and no one owns you... a rebel of individuality and freedom, after all rules are meant to be broken and I dare you to break them all. If anyone tries to tell you anything other than that tell them off for being such a twat and where they can stick there snobby little chitchat... while you go off being a ferociously fearless wildcat and that my friends is a pussy you can't fuck with!

With hope and love  
Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 6 March 2017

We All Matter!

So at some point you might of been told or thought "others are going through or have gone through worse" this most definitely can be helpful to know you are not alone in the struggles of life and to be completely and utterly inspired by what others have gone through, how they have or are coping and how they are making it or have made it through something that can be so unimaginable to you. It can provide hope, gratitude, inspiration and understanding, though in the same breath it's important to not dismiss or have your own struggles dismissed or suppressed because that only adds to more of your pain and struggles as it doesn't really deal with the real issues at hand that you are facing and can essentially say "what you're going through doesn't matter, you don't matter, get over it".

You matter, your pain matters and so does your struggle and it's important to face it and deal with it but also remember the hope, gratitude, inspiration and understanding we can gain from others pain and journeys too.

With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

All It Takes Is A Little Bit Of Kindness!

All it takes is little bit of kindness to create some brightness, to be mindful that someone could be feeling suicidal and your simple act could help them on their road of survival and to remind them this world isn't just darkness and not everyone is heartless. It doesn't take much just a bit love from your own heart to cheer someone up when things might be falling apart and even if you are too you've just brighten their day as well as yours by sharing a smile making it well indeed worthwhile.

All it takes is a little bit of kindness. <3

With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 27 February 2017

Creating And Living By YOUR Values!

Creating and living by your values is an important part of self discovery to know yourself and to live for your happiness, it's also is a place to refer back to when you feel lost or have success and lose yourself. Dr Russ Harris in his Happiness Trap book advises to always make forgiveness one of your values for if you at some point or another don't act according to one of your values in which all of us are human and at some point or another this is most likely to occur, instead of hating on and destroying yourself you have placed importance on forgiving yourself and others to help heal such pain, blame and shame. 

To live a happy life it's important to live out your core values for not doing so will leave you awfully unhappy and no amount of materialistic items, wealth, fame, sex, relationships or success will ever fill that void long term.

As my counsellor pointed out though sometimes you may feel there is a time and place to find a compromise in certain situations on values on the lower end of your list if you feel it is right to do so though as she again pointed out never sacrifice your top values for you will be sure to be unhappy. 

My top value of course is to be my self, with creativity, kindness, inspiring/helping others, badassness, realness, respect, honesty, compassion and empathy following close behind the top of my list. Forgiveness is too on my list though it is rather hard for me on all levels and most definitely something that takes a lot of time and work.

What are your values?, What do you live by?

With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo