Saturday, 28 December 2013

21 Things To Do During 2014!

  1. Set 5 goals for the year and achieve those b!tches with pride ;)
  2. Make a new friend.
  3. Create a 2014 playlist and include all songs that hold special memories of the year.
  4. Get to know an acquaintance more and turn them into a close friend.
  5. Make out lots.
  6. Go on an adventure.
  7. Create a first (1st camping trip, catching a fish, tattoo, piercing, kiss etc)
  8. Pick one way to work on loving yourself more, dedicate yourself to practising it daily.
  9. Dedicate 10 minutes everyday to mediating or visualising your goals, dreams, positivity and breathing out hate, dramas and negativity.
  10. Get to know and spend more time with your parents/family.
  11. Learn something new (Language, culture, art, history, sport, hobby etc)
  12. Make a difference in someones life.
  13. Do something daring for charity.
  14. Pick 5 things off your bucket list and do them FEARLESSLY!
  15. Take photos of the special people in your life and moments and create a collage.
  16. Celebrate your birthday in style and honour to your life.
  17. Make the choice and take action to improve your health and live a healthier and happier you!
  18. Take on a dare.
  19. Reinvent yourself physically, emotionally and mentally full of love, uniqueness, positivity and power.
  20. Open your heart to loving yourself, others and the world. Welcome the love that comes from these things into your life freely! 
  21. Just be a happy, positive bunny full of life ;)
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Love from the land of magic
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Saturday, 21 December 2013

21 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Part 2!

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique: This a tapping therapy where you tap on certain acupuncture points on the body and say your issues, fears or insecurities and then say positive affirmations to reprogramme your mind. Check out my post on What Is And How To Do Emotional Freedom Technique!
  2. Make peace with others and let go: We've all had people hurt us and we've all hurt others ourselves or had misunderstandings it's time to make peace and move on. If you're still in contact with someone these things have happened with or would like to get in contact... DO IT. You can't control how others react but you can control how and what you do. Instead of discussing the situation apologize if you need too and/or make peace with the person (You don't need any contact with this person if you don't want to after). If you can't or would not like to make contact with that person write it in a letter than rip it up and throw it away. We often hold on for too long of the way something has happened or someone has hurt us. Move forward it's in the past.
  3. Brain storm goals and dreams: Dream the wildest dreams you can think of...anything! What do you want to do and be? Really think...write it all down then create small goals to reach those dreams!
  4. Ask for help: Do it! Dr, counsellor, friend, family... learn to know when you need help and reach out for it.
  5. Physically let go of your past: Physically letting go is just as important as mentally and emotionally so how about a makeover? New hair? Clothes? Change of location? Change of name? Tattoo? Piercing? etc. It is rather refreshing :)
  6. Celebrate and reward your successes: Celebrate passing a test, reaching a goal or milestone... go shopping, watch movies, spa day, nails, massage etc
  7. Say "I love myself" in front of a mirror daily: You may not believe it or it is hard to say and painful but say it, say it while you smile, say it while you cry but the most important thing is that you say it.
  8. Wear sexy underwear: Tehe it's like your own little secret of happiness... oh and don't you just feel happier when you wear matching underwear too?!?! :p
  9. Start a new project: Instead of dwelling in hate dive head first into something brand spanking new... art, sport, volunteering etc 
  10. Write on your mirror: In lipstick, eyeliner post it notes... tell yourself how gorgeous and wonderful you are!
  11. Talk: Get it all out, do not bottle it in until you break down! Talk it out with someone you trust and can help you! Talk about how to get out of a situation/move forward or make something better instead of dwelling on the negatives.
  12. Positive self talk: This is one of the most powerful things to learn when it comes to self love. A great way to start on positive self talk is to fight your bad thoughts with the opposite version... a positive thought or start off by saying one positive thing about yourself daily and increase this weekly. Another great thing to learn is when life throws you a challenge learn to say "I'm safe and ok in this moment" "Whatever life throws at me I can handle it" "I use this experience to learn and grow". Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right!
  13. Hug yourself: Give yourself a loving and warm hug... yes I did just write hug YOURSELF!!!
  14. Write a theme song to your life: What would be the lyrics to the theme song to your life? Set a scene and get writing! Superhero, flower power, fluffy and cute?!?! (Mine's called Rainbow-Rose's Land Of Magic and I will share it one day! ;D)
  15. Accept and give compliments: Compliments are wonderful gifts and it is important to accept and give them back to others to realise how wonderful you are and also to remind others of how wonderful they are! Check out my post on How To Accept Compliments!
  16. Learn to say no and yes: There are times in life when it all becomes to much or something just isn't working learn to say no to keep you well mentally, emotionally and physically however on the opposite end learn to say yes, yes to the adventure of life while still maintaining who you are!
  17. Learn to stop comparing yourself to others: Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous game that can leave you in self hatred, practise being better than who you were yesterday! Check out my post on How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!
  18. Write positive messages all over your body: Grab a vivid and start writing happy messages to yourself!
  19. Write down your strengths and weakness: We all have strengths and weakness, accept both and come up with ways to work on your weakness and embrace your strengths.
  20. Everything happens for a reason: When life sh!ts on you see it as a chance to learn and grow. As much as it may suck at the time practise being able to turn the situation into something positive. When that sh!t comes at you, tell yourself "Come at me life, It's game time!" ;)
  21. Just love: Love yourself, you are you for a reason so stop wishing you are someone else because you're wasting the person you are. You are strong, loving, talented, powerful, beautiful and sexy in every way so start believing it!
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sippin' On Sunshine: The Summer Playlist!

  1. Angels And Airwaves: The Adventure
  2. Boys Like Girls: The Great Escape
  3. These Kids Wear Crowns: Jumpstart
  4. Avril Lavigne: Sippin' On Sunshine
  5. Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles
  6. 3 Doors Down: Kryptonite
  7. Slash: Anastasia
  8. Faber Drive: Summer Fades To Fall
  9. Sum 41: Noots
  10. Avril Lavigne: Bitchin' Summer
  11. Ashley Tisdale: Crank It Up
  12. Jason Derulo: Ridin' Solo
  13. Jimmy Eat World: The Middle
  14. No Doubt: Hey Baby
  15. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream
  16. Cascada: Summer Of Love
  17. Taio Cruz: Dynamite
  18. One Republic: Good Life
  19. Paramore: Hallelujah
  20. Roll Deep Feat Jodie Connor: Good Times
  21. Leighton Meester: Summer Girl
  22. Bullet For My Valentine: Hearts Burst Into Fire
  23. Puddle Of Mudd: We Don't Have To Look Back Now
  24. Simple Plan: Summer Paradise
  25. Skillet: Those Nights
Love from the land of magic
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

21 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Part 1!

  1.  Write a letter to yourself as a child: This is a really emotional thing to do but some big revelations, forgiveness and sense of peace can come from doing this. So get a piece of paper, a pen and write, cry, write, cry some more then smile because you're still here fighting today :)
  2. Write a gratitude list: It can be so easy to forget all the good things in your life but if you truly look there are many great things to be thankful for, even things like being able to see, hear, feel, sunshine and green grass! Write down everything you are thankful for and do it often.
  3. Random acts of kindness: Nothing like making someone smile by doing a good deed which in turn leads to you, yourself feeling happy and bubbly. Give a random gift, send a nice message to someone, help someone in need, volunteer etc.
  4. Listen to your body and give it what it needs: Clean healthy foods and the right amounts, sleep, exercise, chill time, asking for help, self love and loving ;)...Being able to know what your body truly needs and giving it to your body is an art but sit and really listen and ask yourself "What do I truly need right now?" Start on this masterpiece today because soon enough you'll be an artist knowing exactly what colours to use!
  5. Do what makes you happy: If you follow what society, family, friends or your partner wants for you, you will just be miserable and feel trapped. Say fuck it and stand up for yourself and do and be what is going to make you happy even if it means running away and joining the circus :D. Those that truly love you will respect and understand, they however may not agree with it but they will love and support you no matter what. Life is too short not to do what you love so go be you and do what makes you happy!
  6. Take yourself out on dates: This is such a freeing and amazing thing to do! Taking yourself out on dates is where you celebrate yourself and enjoy your own company. You do this ALONE which can be very scary but it also can be sooo much fun just to enjoy being with yourself. Whether you're single or in a relationship I believe everyone should take themselves out on dates! Get dressed up and go to the movies, library, museum etc take a picnic or book, buy yourself flowers or a new dress :D Self loving is where it's at baby!
  7. Create a room full of happiness: Now who doesn't want to wake up to happiness?!?!....Get blu tack or a pin board and write and stick positive affirmations and quotes up, put pictures of your goals and dreams, family, friends and be inspired and filled with happiness every single day. This also helps if you feel down as it motivates and reminds you of everything you're fighting for!
  8. Tell others how much you love them: Life can be here today and gone tomorrow so remember to tell the people around you how much you love them and do it regularly. Let yourself be open to giving and receiving love :)
  9. Wear clothes/outfits that make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident: Life is for living so dress up every single day! Make yourself feel beautiful! Have fun with the way you dress, screw what others say if you want to dress loud and bold, gothic, country, gangsta do it because it is what makes you feel good and love who you are. Don't forget always get dressed for you!
  10. Write down compliments: Even if it's just for one week every now and then, write down all the compliments others give you and you give to others. This can make you realise or remind you of all the wonderful things about yourself that you have forgotten or never knew and also it is something to look at when you feel down. It's just as important to give compliments back to others to remind them of how amazing they are, also keep a track of when you do this!
  11. Cut toxic people out of your life: Know your worth and cut people out of your life who do not respect, love and generally really care about you. Your are worth so much more than people treating you like shit! For some people you may need to talk to them in person and tell them you don't want them in your life or for others you may need to go cold turkey. When cutting toxic people out of your life I suggest deleting and blocking them from any social media and deleting any contacts you have of them. A change of number is always a nice fresh start if needed or if someone keeps trying to contact you.
  12. Write a love letter to yourself: Write it like you're writing a love letter to your lover or someone you like. Tell yourself how amazing and gorgeous you are and everything you love about yourself. Write your accomplishments, hopes and dreams. Hide it somewhere safe and read it in 1 years time.
  13. Forgive yourself: We all make mistakes, say and do silly things, screw up and accidentally hurt people without realising it. Forgive yourself, learn and grow from it because we learn from messing up which is a gift and at the ended of the day the people in your life who are there for you will understand and still love you. You are human and NO ONE is perfect!
  14. Be your own best friend: You wouldn't treat your best friend like sh!t so why are you treating yourself like crap? Make yourself your first best friend and treat yourself with love, respect and happiness.
  15. Surround yourself with loving, positive and inspiring people: These people will be there for you when you're down, won't let you give up and will inspire you to live the life of your dreams and you will also do the same for these people. People like this will be hiding out doing positive happy things like volunteering, helping others or another great place I love is the gym! Transforming and changing their lives and others for the better! These people do exist and it may take awhile to meet and get to know these angels of life and trust me when you're surrounded by these angels their magic rubs off on to you!
  16. Write down things you love about yourself: This can be scary, painful and leave you not knowing what to write. Physical features maybe too hard and painful to start with so start looking at your morals and values... What do you stand for that you like about yourself? Really think... it maybe scary to write that you actually like something about yourself but do it, I dare you to! As your list grows and you get more confident and daring you can start moving on to your physical features such as eyes, hair and legs etc. 
  17. Tell yourself "I can and I will" daily: This is such a powerful affirmation and if you're willing to push yourself these words will take you to places you've never been before ;D They will bring out a fight and strength in you!
  18. Embrace and celebrate yourself: It's easy to hate the quirks that make you, you. Embrace and celebrate them because being you is the best thing and when you start owning your quirks a certain light starts to shine out from you! I thought I was cursed for being different when I was younger and hated myself over it for so long but now I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT and inspiring others to be themselves. I also use to HATE being short!!! Now I think it's awesome and roll with being cute and tiny XD or even my naturally gifted awkwardness I have and still struggle with this but have now learnt to laugh with the close people in my life over awkward things I do or situations I manage to create.
  19. Laugh, dance and sing: What is life without any of these huh? A perfect way to brighten your spirits and feel free. So get dressed up, put your favourite tunes on, grab a deodorant can and sing your lungs out and get down in the middle of the hallway!
  20. Simplify your life: Stress oh stress! Stress can have such detrimental effects on all parts of your health and one way to deal with this is to learn to cut out or change things in your life that aren't working. Whether it's your job, the people around you or something that's making you unhappy write it down and figure out how to simplify your life!
  21. Make self love a priority and practise it daily: Unless you make it a priority and practise it daily, loving yourself ain't going to happen baby! Like anything practise makes perfect, you'll be surprised at how you change and grow for the better!
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Body Types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph!

When you start any fitness journey there is going to be lots of trails and errors in your training and nutrition until you find what works for you. I believe knowing and learning about your body type is an important part of your journey so you understand how to best achieve your goals and what works and what doesn't for you and your body.
You should be able to find your body type from the information below, keep in mind that you can be a mixture of two types which is most commonly Ectomorph/Mesomorph or Mesomorph/Endomorph. Just because you have a certain body type does not mean you can't achieve your fitness goals it just means working WITH your body is going to make things a whole lot easier!
According to (Becker, 2002) and (Mase, n.d) Ectomorphs are skinny with a delicate frame and small joints. It is hard for Ectomorphs to gain weight so you need a high amount of calories to gain muscle, keeping cardio and other aerobic activities to a minimum unless you're happy with your physique. Needing such high amounts of calories as an Ectomorph you may need to look into supplements such as mass gainer and protein powder to gain lean muscle mass. Your workouts should be short and intense; weight should be heavy and focusing on large muscle groups.
Traits of Ectomorph:
  • Fast metabolism
  • Small/delicate frame and bone structure
  • Thin
  • Flat chest
  • Hard gainer
  • Muscle growth takes longer
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Small Shoulders
  • Loses fat easily
A Mesomorph has a large bone structure, is athletic and has big muscles. Mesomorphs find it easy to gain and lose weight and are naturally strong. Muscle gains are normally quick (but not instant!) but will gain fat more easily than Ectomorphs. Watch calorie intake and a combination of weights and cardio will work best. Keep a healthy diet but watch for slow fat gains. Strength training should be done often with moderate to heavy weights and longer sessions. Take part in aerobic activities and sports but make sure not to overdo it.
Traits of Mesomorph:
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Athletic
  • Strong
  • Gains fat more easily than Ectomorphs
  • Gains and loses weight easily
  • Well defined muscles
  • Rectangle (Hour glass) body shape
  • Hard muscular body
An Endomorph has a solid and soft build and will often be shorter with thick arms and legs. Endomorphs will gain fat easily so always do weights and cardio in your training. Your muscles are strong especially in the legs and you will be powerful in squats. Focus should be on a lifestyle to help keep fat off, so keep a healthy diet and lower calorie intake (Be sensible and do not starve yourself). Do strength training to enhance muscle to fat ratio and improve metabolism. Weights should be moderate with very little rest between sets and exercises. Be active daily with walking and sports etc.
Traits of Endomorph:
  • Gains muscle and fat easily
  • Finds it hard to lose fat
  • Slow metabolism
  • Soft and round body
  • Muscles not so well defined
  • Usually short

There are pros and cons to each type and you can't change your "body type" but you can achieve your goal physique by dedication, hard work, sensible training, good nutrition and rest! So go get muscley you sexy thang! ;D 

Reference List:
  • Becker,Paul. "What Is Your Body Type?", 18 July 2002. Web 09 Dec. 2013.
  • Mase, Damien. "Your Body Type- Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?" Muscle & Strength, n.d. Web. 10 Dec. 2013.
With Love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Yesterday's Outfit Of The Day: Rocker In Red!

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"
-Marilyn Monroe

Dress: Supre
Tights: The Warehouse
Boots and belt: Op shop
Spike collar and chain: Given to me
Arm warmers: Given to me
Make up: Created with the Manly 120 eyeshadow palette (can be bought on Trade me or Ebay)
Oh and of course a Guitar Hero controller ;)

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

Saturday, 7 December 2013

How To Make The Cut!

Time for a dramatic makeover? A change? or just want to get rid of those locks? Making the cut is a big choice but one that I recommend you try at some point in your life as it's a freeing experience and a time for self growth. Everyone can suit short hair with a few key tips so here is my guide on how to make the cut!

Making the cut can completely change the way you feel about yourself and can be a physical and spiritual way of letting go of old baggage and diving head first (A pun was so intended ;D) into change and a new you! I personally find changing and chopping my hair is a very spiritual thing for me to do to let go of all the things that have happened since my previous hairstyle and it's time for me to evolve physically, mentally and emotionally. Physical change is just as important as mental and emotional as the way you look plays a huge impact on how you feel about yourself so I encourage you to embrace positive change not just mentally and emotionally but physically too.

There are times in life where you have to make courageous jumps as you won't grow any wings to learn to fly and grow. This also goes for cutting your hair which is a very scary thing and can make you very hesitant with questions like "What if I don't like it?" "Will it take ages to grow back? "What if I miss my long hair?" this can make you just stick with what you have and miss out on all the fun you could have with change. My piece of advice for this is at the end of the day your hair will grow back, you can get extensions (clip in, glue in etc), get it cut into a different shorter style, colour it, dress it up and style it up! There are so many options to play with so you a never truly stuck in hating your hair and you won't know if you like it until you try!

I got my hair cut short nearly 4 years ago because I was bored of my hair and I was going through a lot at the time and wanted to "free myself" and let go of some things. I love my hair short and not sure I would want to grow it long again, plus colouring my hair is so much cheaper! I love trying different funky and edgy cuts and if my hair is growing out and I feel like long hair I'll wear some clip in extensions and dress it up! I have now done so much to my hair, cut and colour wise I would like to get it shaved off for charity at the end of next year!

My Top Tips When Making The Cut!
  1. Search: Search magazines, people on the street, Internet and celebrates and collect some pictures of hair cuts you like.
  2. The Picture: Pick a picture of what you want to get your hair cut to, keep in mind though your hairdresser may need to modify the cut to suit your face shape (If you don't know your face shape ask your hairdresser as it's always a handy thing to know). You might like to point out to your hairdresser what you like about the cut in the photo and what you don't and add your own style to it or ask for their opinion. Pictures are a great base to work off because every ones idea of layered or this or that are completely different where working off a photo you can really see, point out and understand what you are going for.
  3. Hairdresser: Find a really good hairdresser! A good tip for this is look for a hairdresser who's hair and style you admire because you will most likely like the way they will add their on style and magic to your hair! Also save up those pennies because trust me paying a bit more for a good hairdresser and cut/colour will make all the difference! You might need to go around different salons and ask about prices which is also a good way to spot a funky hairdresser!
  4. Style: Ask your hairdresser how you can style your new cut and what products to use, also look at different pictures and ways the celebrity or someone of a similar cut has styled their hair. This helps you know how to get the look your going for and different ways you can style up your cut!

So why not take a courageous jump and make the cut for a freeing experience and a brand new you?!?!

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Badass Playlist!

  1. Three Days Grace: Are You Ready For This?
  2. Eminem: Won't Back Down
  3. 2 Chainz Feat Wiz Khalifa: We Own It
  4. Linkin Park: Wretches And Kings
  5. 50 Cent: Ready For War
  6. Three Days Grace: Riot
  7. Thousand Foot Krutch: I Get Wicked
  8. Trivium: Built To Fall
  9. Lady Sovereign: Love Me Or Hate Me
  10. Thousand Foot Krutch: Courtesy Call
  11. Sum 41: Underclass Hero
  12. Disturbed: Indestructible
  13. Eminem: You Don't Know
  14. All That Remains: This Calling
  15. Free The Fallen: Century
  16. Eminem: Lose Yourself
  17. Slash: Beautiful Dangerous
  18. Thousand Foot Krutch: Fire It Up
  19. Escape The Fate: We Won't Back Down
  20. 12 Stones: Anthem For The Underdog
Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 2 December 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Scene Freak!

"I think everybody's weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it"
-Johnny Depp

Top and skirt: Supre
Coloured tights: Equip
Black tights: The Warehouse
Necklace and bracelet: Equip or Diva
Belt: Op shop
Gloves: Sinister Boutique
Boots: Hannah's
Make up: Created with the Manly 120 eyeshadow palette (can be bought on Trade me or Ebay)

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mirror Talk: 21 Things You Need To Tell Yourself Daily!

  1. I am beautiful inside and out.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I treat myself and others with respect.
  4. I eat to nourish my body and maintain a healthy weight.
  5. I treat my body with sensible exercise to be healthy, fit, strong and bad ass.
  6. I am stronger, fitter and healthier everyday.
  7. I can and I will achieve my goals and dreams.
  8. I speak positively of myself and others.
  9. I love my body and do everything in my power to make sure my mind, body and soul are in a good place.
  10. I trust my journey is positive and will lead to wonderful things.
  11. I am worthy of love from myself and others.
  12. I encourage and am always willing to help others.
  13. I work hard everyday.
  14. I love my family and friends and I am grateful to have them in my life.
  15. I learn from each part of my journey and trust that everything happens for a reason.
  16. I am fearless.
  17. I will never give up because I am a fighter.
  18. I am loved.
  19. I am fucking amazeballs.
  20. Life loves me. (Had to include this gem from Louise L Hay she is an angel!)
  21. I love my sexy, gorgeous and powerful self!
Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How To Accept Compliments!

"You are beautiful", "You did an amazing job today", "I love your top"... how many of you actually accept a compliment and take it in? and I mean truly believe it and not just flog it off! Compliments are wonderful gifts from others which can brighten your day but for some of you, you may find others making compliments to you makes you feel uncomfortable, awkward and not believing it, so here is my guide on how to accept compliments!

You can get several compliments in a day but if someone gives you just one negative comment it can make you forget any praise and the negative comment swirls around in your head making you doubt yourself or confirm any negative belief about yourself that you've had or maybe you just straight out right flog off any compliment you get because you don't believe it and feel unworthy of it. This is just self hating baby and you need to stop it right now! Why should you believe the negative over the positive? Seriously give me one good damn reason why?... I bet you have none ;) 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"
-Marianne Williamson
I love this quote and it in fact really scares me because you can be as powerful as you wish which is actually a pretty scary thing. I often find myself falling into negative potholes along my journey where I want to run backwards because I'm scared of letting go, accepting love and being powerful. Negativity and hate are normal for me, like a home... its a sh!t pathway but one I know very well and where it leads. It's strange for me to feel love, positivity and power and that scares me because I don't know where it leads me which is exciting but terrifying at the same time. I have to trust that this path leads to many wonderful things and to pull myself out of that negative pothole and keep going. I bring this up because ignoring positive praise from others is feeding the negative wolf which in turn leads you to living in self hatred, not gaining in personal growth and not being that powerful person you can be.  

I believe it is really important to actually practise and learn the art of accepting compliments to build yourself up along with all that self loving to be the most powerful person you can be and to not ignore the positive praise someone gives you. Compliments can really make your day and make you realise things you may have not noticed or forgotten about yourself.

My Top Tips On How To Accept Compliments:
  1. Say Thank You: Instead of flogging off such a beautiful ray of sunshine take it on board and say Thank You, Merci, Arigato, Gracias, Kiitos... whatever language accept it baby!
  2. Give a compliment back: Find something you like about the person and give that gift of sunshine right back. I find myself scared of giving compliments in person because of the way people might react, but I try to push myself out of this zone to make someone smile. If you feel uncomfortable giving compliments try it with a few of your close family and friends and soon enough you will be complimenting the strangers in the street! 
  3. Write it down: Gala Darling's fab idea of writing down all the compliments you get in a diary even if it's just for one week. This can be something to remind yourself of all the wonderful things about yourself and to look at when that negativity starts creeping in or when you're feeling down. I also think a great idea is to write down any compliments you give to other people too!
Use what your parents taught you, your manners and say thank you the next time someone compliments you and don't forget to give one back, that sunshine will be your shinning light to a happier day!

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Love from the land of magic
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stay Strong: The Inspirational Playlist!

  1. Avril Lavigne: Won't Let You Go
  2. Skillet: Battle Cry
  3. Superchick: This Is The Time
  4. Red: Not Alone
  5. Maino featuring T-Pain: All Of The Above
  6. Owl City: Shooting Star
  7. The Script: Hall Of Fame
  8. Daughtry: We're Not Gonna Fall
  9. Demi Lovato: Skyscraper
  10. Jessie J: Who You Are
  11. Miley Cyrus: The Climb
  12. Jason Derulo: Undefeated
  13. Avril Lavigne: Keep Holding On
  14. Hayden Panettiere: Try
  15. Thousand Foot Krutch: Watching Over Me
  16. Charlie Brown: On My Way
  17. Shannon Noll: Lift
  18. Fort Minor: Be Somebody
  19. Tine Tempah: Written In The Stars
  20. Saosin: You've Not Alone
  21. Superchick: Get Up 
Love from the land of magic
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Neon Green Gothic Girl!

"Be yourself. No one can say you've doing it wrong"
-Charles M Schulz

Shorts and singlet: Supre
Neon green tights: Equip
Black tights: The Warehouse (Ripped them up some more ;D)
Boots: Hannahs
Neon green hat: Market
Black arm warmers: Op shop
Necklace: Equip or Diva
Neon green bracelets: $2 shop
Make up: Created with the Manly 120 eyeshadow palette (can be bought on Trade me or Ebay)

Love from the land of magic
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Friday, 15 November 2013

21 Things To Do When You're Young, Wild And Free!

  1. Cut up your school uniform including your shoes or modify it to make it fashionable (I suggest doing this once you've left school!)
  2. Go to the cinemas and watch back to back movies
  3. Dump a bag of popcorn over a friends head
  4. Invite a group of friends over, tell them your house is warm and not to wear much clothes then when they turn up tell them their playing strip card games. (Trick is to wear a good 10 or so layers yourself!)
  5. Get an in your face piercing
  6. Have a sleeping bag party
  7. Go to the movies in your onesies
  8. Make a two storeyed colourful cheesecake
  9. Skip around town
  10. Have a museum day with friends (Rotorua Museum is perfect for this!)
  11. Have parties in elevators, telephone and study booths
  12. Cover yourself in bubble wrap and roll down hills
  13. Do the Cha Cha Slide with friends
  14. Reorganise signs around town to spell funny messages
  15. Take photos while you're making out with that special someone
  16. Dance on street corners
  17. Put on some of your guy mates clothes and dance around
  18. Play guitar hero upside down
  19. Get all dressed up crazy and have a day and night photo shoot
  20. Go to a haunted attraction and get dressed up like someone who works there (Cornevil or Spookers is scary as f**k if your in New Zealand!)
  21. Fall into your bed from a standing up position repeatedly

Love from the land of magic
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Monday, 11 November 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Alternative Prom Princess

"I'm not a one in a million kind of girl. I'm a once in a lifetime kind of woman"

Dress: Supre
Pink bandeau: Supre
Tights and gloves: Sinister Boutique
Shoes: Number One Shoes
Belt/bandana: Canteen
Necklace: Equip or Diva

Love from the land of magic
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Importance Of No Makeup Days!

Self confession time!... Yes I was one of those girls that could not leave the house without makeup on!... Now you all know :p

From the age of 13 to 18 I always had to have something on my face, there were a few reasons for this one being that I love makeup, the feeling of putting it on and being able to create new looks and express myself. Another reason I would use makeup was to cover up looking tired and sick from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I would also use makeup to hide my insecurities and flaws.

As I got into exercise I still insisted on wearing makeup to the gym although I believe this can be a really good thing because it can help you to embrace a certain mood, craziness, boss out some mad reps and who doesn't want that! :D. As I got more involved with group fitness/team training classes my makeup would be running down my face to create... well shall I say a not so nice look. I began not wearing makeup to the gym as often, I realised I felt beautiful with no makeup, covered in sweat and going hardcore. This gave me the courage to have no makeup days. I get dressed up and go bare faced, yes no mascara, eyeliner, lip stick or foundation! Along with working on self loving (I know exactly what you thought when I said that tsk tsk! ;D), realising NO ONE is perfect and not giving a flying fucker what others think of me I now know I am me beautiful with and without makeup!
Society is constantly selling you a flawless perception of beauty which doesn't exist; this is teaching so many girls to cover their own beauty and hate themselves. We all have flaws and insecurities even that celebrity or model you admire! Along with learning to accept and love yourself and talking, listening and observing people you start to realise and understand this. True beauty comes from working on being the best person you can be and loving who you are, this will radiate from the inside out and inspire others.

No makeup days are important to realise and be able to be comfortable in your true beauty, with your flaws and insecurities and to know that it's ok not to be perfect. There is a certain beauty with being imperfect because it shows a realness and acceptance. It is also important to learn that you are a beautiful, talented and strong woman without wearing a cover up. I believe makeup is a fantastic addition to a woman in which you can embrace femininity, enhance your beauty and embrace different moods but there is a difference between wearing makeup for these things and hiding your flaws and insecurities. I believe it's important to understand when you're trying to cover up your flaws and to break the mold and just be you, beautiful you!

Going bare faced around town can be a scary thought but I challenge you to try it and do it often. Put on your favourite dress, shoes, plug into some music, put a smile on your dial and walk in that sunshine baby, while your at it take some shameless selfies and marvel at your beauty!

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Love from the land of magic
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Gypsy Elf!

"I'm strange and I like it, that's just the way I am. I Can't change, I can't hide it, that's just the way I am. Might as well get over it, don't try to understand. I'm strange and I like it, that's just the way I am!"
-Skye Sweetnam: Just The Way I Am

Top: Given to me (Glassons brand)
Black cardigan: Pagani
Shorts: Supre
Tights: Glassons
Shoes: Number One Shoes
Headband and necklace: Equip or Diva
Make up: Created with the Manly 120 eyeshadow palette (can be bought on Trade me or Ebay) and Models Prefer Very Sexy Colour Palette.

Love from the land of magic
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Thursday, 31 October 2013

21 Things To Do On Bad Days!

  1. 28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You
  2. Curl up into a ball, listen to music, cry and go to sleep. Get up and try again tomorrow.
  3. Hug fluffy animals
  4. Avoid people
  5. Don't avoid people
  6. Watch America's home funniest videos until your stomach hurts.
  7. Exercise! Go for a run, lift some heavy sh!t, get angry and go all beast mode! 
  8. Ring your Mummy or someone you love, talk, talk about everything.
  9. Rent tragic chick flicks and watch them while hugging a teddy bear in your PJ's.
  10. Watch funny cat videos on Youtube.
  11. Treat yourself to a new dress, book, getting your hair or nails done, massage etc. Go wild and splash out ;)
  12. Play old school video games.
  13. Learn your favourite 90's dance routines. A bit of Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again in the house anyone?!?!
  14. Learn to rap your favourite gangsta songs.
  15. Walk in the rain while listening to sad music, take in your surroundings and feel the wind in your hair.
  16. Clean out your room and reorganise it.
  17. Make a card for someone and tell them how much you love them. Walk to their house and drop it in their mail box or post it if they live far away.
  18. Have a long hot shower and cry some more.
  19. Watch motivational speeches. Greg Plitt is out of this world and may I add sexy as hell! ;D I dare you to watch this inspirational man! Greg Plitt: Keep The Fire Alive
  20. Buy and read Love and Sequins by Gala Darling.
  21. Drive and escape to your favourite place or catch a bus, listen to music and zone out.

Tomorrow is a brand new day! :)

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

"I wish my body was like hers, she is so skinny" "Why aren't I pretty like all those other girls?" "Why did he choose her over me?"

Comparing yourself to others is such a negative mindset full of worthlessness, self hate, guilt, jealousy and bitchiness in which you start to hate on yourself, others or even compete against other people to prove a sense of self worth. This is truly not a happy place to be in and can lead to dangerous disorders and behaviours. 

At some point in life and several times during life in fact every person will compare themselves to others and start to feel their insecurities take over. It's ok to feel what your feeling and is normal to go through this but it all lies in how you deal with it and how you act. I struggled with comparing myself a lot during my childhood and through my ED which nearly destroyed me, even now I still struggle but I have learnt to focus on who I am, my talents and my journey which has in turn lead to me comparing myself to others a lot less.

So how do you stop comparing yourself to others? Here are my top 5 tips!

My Top 5 Tips On How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!
  1. Everyone has a story: Yes every single person in this world has a story! A story of what they've gone through, why they are who they are and why they do what they do... including you! It's so important to realise this and to know everyone is different, has insecurities, talents and are on different paths in there journey. Understanding your own journey is so important too as no one else has gone through exactly what you've gone through so comparing yourself to someone else's life is so irrelevant to where you are in your own. Believing in your journey and understanding that everyone has a story helps you to become less concerned about comparing yourself to others and lets you focus on where you want to go in life and what you want to achieve. P.S I love observing people and learning about others stories to inspire and remind me we ALL have a story that changes the world!
  2. Inspiration: When you compare yourself to someone else it becomes very easy for it to come out as jealousy and hate. Everyone does this at some point but it is not ok! Being jealous and hating on someone isn't going to make them stop or change nor is it going to magically make you have what they have, all it does is show your insecurities and negativity. Every time you start to feel that comparing, jealous and hate rear its ugly head through the door respond with love. Let what they have or do inspire you, complement them, ask them questions about what they have or do and let it motivate you in your goals! Always work on responding with love and letting what others do fill your heart with inspiration. 
  3. Goals/Dreams: What are my goals and dreams? Sit down with a pen, paper, Internet, books, magazines and write it all down no matter how big or small. Plan and make little goals and steps to reach your dreams!
  4. Take action: Your dreams don't work unless you do! Get planning, go out and do! Even when your scared, tired and want to give up, keep moving and doing!
  5. Work hard: Success doesn't know tired, excuses, or comparing yourself to others it only knows hard work. If you happen to fall get back up and keep trying. Surround yourself with loving, positive people who believe in your goals, dreams and will support you. This is your life, your journey so make it everything you want it to be!
Comparing yourself to others is no way to live your life. Believe in your story, in who you are and all the magic inside your heart. Let others inspire you and take action towards your goals, then you will be everything you dream!

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Love from the land of magic
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

21 Things To Do When You Go Camping!

One of my favourite childhood memories is going camping, I went every year from the time I was 9 months old until I was 17. I was very blessed to have my family, both sets of grandparents, family friends and other friends come join over the years. My family would go to a place called Kuaotunu which is 30 minutes outside Whitianga in the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. I believe this is one of the most beautifulest places in New Zealand and is a home for my family and me. I have so many great memories and stories to this place from boogie boarding for hours on my favourite beaches, playing card and board games with family, catching my first fish, standing on rubbish bins to help debone fish, cave walks, wearing 90's sun glasses and singing along to Roxette... "I'M GONNA GET DRESSED FOR SUCCESS SHAPING ME UP FOR THE BIG TIME, BABY", jumping on my grandparents air bed, having a birthday party for a dog, being flooded out and the list goes on. 

Eventually my parents wanted to try somewhere different so we started going to Bowentown which is near Tauranga and this has also been a highlight and carries lots of great memories too. When I was 18 I left home, started flatting and doing other things so I haven't gone for the last few years but camping is something I want to get back into as I grow older as it has been such  a highlight for my family and me.

These are some of my favourite things I did while I was camping and are a must do! So start planning, packing and go on your merry way!
  1. Play Pontoon with 5 cent pieces
  2. Meditate on the beach while the suns rising
  3. Write messages in the sand
  4. Make sand castles by dribbling wet sand! (My Dad would always make lots of these and my Mum would called them a Hobbit Vills)
  5. Collect cicada shells in a bucket and pour them over someones head!
  6. Boogie board all day baby!
  7. Play Chinese Checkers with 6 players (If you want to be a cheeky sh!t and don't want someone to win put your piece in there final home spot! My family might of nearly banned me for doing this :p)
  8. Star watch on top of a hill
  9. Go on bush walks and take picnics
  10. Walk through a Weta cave (or any cave for that matter!)
  11. Learn to put up your own tent
  12. Sneak up to someone and put ice down their back while their having an afternoon snooze
  13. Fish of a wharf (Although I do not condone killing fishies! :p)
  14. Go in a boat and feel the ocean breeze
  15. Visit a local town near by and buy knick knacky things
  16. Feed ducks
  17. Learn to be a killer card shark in Uno
  18. Play spotlight, tag, hide n seek and traffic lights as the sun is going down
  19. Collect Muscles
  20. Slide down hills
  21. Go for an evening stroll down the beach and crush the edges of built up sand!

Love from the land of magic
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