Monday, 29 July 2013

My Top 5 Tips On Learning To Love Your Body!

Loving your body is not an instant magic that just happens. It takes a lot of internal work and time. It can feel like a constant war against the mirror that your never winning but I can assure you, you can love your body!
The first step to really loving your body is letting go of the hate, during this time you neither love nor hate your body it’s a time of getting rid of all the poison, hatred and pain. A time where you tell yourself that you accept and forgive yourself even though you may not like something about yourself or your body. This step may take months or even years but this is where the magic begins and here are my tips to help in the process in learning to love your body. 
· Eat clean healthy food and drink lots of water: You really are what you eat and putting clean healthy foods into you body gives you energy, prevents diseases and aids in weight management along with many other wonderful things. When eating right you feel healthy inside which shows outside. Include all food groups, the right portion sizes and drink lots of water for staying hydrated and flushing out your body. Learn to listen to your body and what it truly wants, feed it when it needs it and stop when it doesn't want anymore. Respect your body.

· Exercise regularly and sensible: Endorphins, stress relief, increased confidence, increased cardiovascular fitness, increased strength and being able to build a bad ass body! What’s not to love about exercise? The benefits go on when it comes to exercise including learning what an amazing machine your body is and what it can do! So put on your exercise gear and go for a run, walk the dog, lift some weights or do a fitness class you’ll rake the benefits physically and mentally. Exercise to be fit, strong, healthy and not skinny! :)
· Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): This technique requires you to tap on the acupuncture points on your body while saying phrases about your issue then replacing them with positive thoughts. I first heard about this through Gala Darling's article I followed what she did with writing down everything I hated about my body and self. I then locked myself in the bathroom naked and tapped on each point telling myself I forgave, accepted and loved myself with each one. I was crying my eyes out but I think after so much hatred finally telling myself in the mirror that I forgave, accepted and loved my self even though I didn't like... about myself was what I needed to hear and feel. Ever since then what I see in the mirror and the voices in my head have never been as bad. It's a great technique so I really encourage you to try it out. You can tap on anything from psychical symptoms to mental and emotional issues! In the article linked above there is a video of Gala doing an EFT demonstration :)
· Draw love hearts all over your body: This is an act of love which can be emotional when you've hated your body for a long time but it is also an exciting and powerful experience which teaches you to accept your body for the wonderful beauty it is. 
· Write positive affirmations over your body: For every bad thought you have about your body create a positive affirmation and write it on that part of your body.
Learning to love your body is a journey. Remember to stay positive and that it is ok to have down days. know that you a transforming your mind, spirit and soul into a beautiful butterfly flying to reach the sky.
Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo