Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Issue With Conformity!

For those of you who know me and for those of you who don't you can properly tell that I LOVE to be different but it hasn't always been this way, in fact I use to HATE that I was different...

When I got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I was 9 my life changed I was no longer like my peers... I couldn't go to school full time, do exercise, got put on steroids and gained a lot of weight and got tired easily along with many other things which all lead to me being left out in my peer group.
I also ended up getting into punk/emo/rock music and the style as it was something I related to which most other people in my peer group weren't into and is classified as different in general. I was weird because of this, also along with my illness and I wasn't into socialising, sports, going to parties, making out etc. I wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist, listened to punk/emo music, get my work done, wore black clothes and spikes, read Bones books and I thought boys had cooties until I was nearly 17.

I hated myself because I didn't "fit in" I wanted to be pretty, liked, popular and just be "normal" but at the same time I knew I was different and I also wanted to stand out at something... like we all do. You know those kids at school that seem to have their talent on lock down like being super intelligent or really good at music or art etc and were liked and "normal"... yeah I wanted to be one of those kids. I actually ended up finding one of my talents in the year before I left school which was fashion, a talent that I wasn't able to truly express until I left because of conformity but once I left school I have been able to express it to the fullest through my crazy outfits, colouring my hair, piercings and tattoos and not give a damn because it makes me happy.

Ultimately I judged the people who were openly different and didn't fit in at school because I didn't want to be associated with not fitting in, made fun of or bullied. These people during high school who were openly different inspire me hugely today because they stuck up for who they were even though they had to put up with the shit people gave them in the most brutal time to be openly different. I believe just like negativity is your naturally state of mind I also believe judgement is too because of the way society has taught you what you should and shouldn't be which leads you to judge instantly about someone or something. It isn't until you take the time to be open minded and truly understand about someone or something that you see it for what YOU believe.

Society and conformity teaches us along with many other things that girls shouldn't have muscles, be strong and independent, it makes boys unmanly if they do hairdressing, they shouldn't cry and they need to score lots of chicks to be "a man", loving the same sex is wrong and shameful, being poor means your nothing, being rich means your everything, being geeky means your a nobody and being popular means your hot sh!t but when you truly strip it back it doesn't matter if you're a woman who has muscles, a man doing hairdressing, loving the same sex or being popular and sociable or being geeky and having a few friends and it's truly nobodies business except yours. In the words of Ke$ha " We R Who We R". Whether your Black, White, Maori, Asian, Hispanic, straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, rich, poor, popular or geeky etc being who you are in healthy, respectful, loving and strong way is the most beautiful and powerful thing you'll ever be and not to mention happiest.

No one is perfect and this idea of having to "fit" societies "perfect" and to conform to who you should and shouldn't be, not only doesn't exist it's also dangerous leading to depression, suicide, mental illness and just self destruction and hatred in general. We all have things that make us different and we all have traits that fit into societies "normal" but deep down  I believe you are a freak of uniqueness and don't ever be afraid to express that physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I understand it can be hard to unleash this side of you because of judgement and rejection, I often struggle with this with my personality as I am scared of rejection and I have always been able to express myself the best creatively and physically but I continue to work on letting my personality out and I dare you to unleash your uniqueness too! 

Conformity and the "Normal" breeds a certain level of hate and judgement not only within ourselves but also with others in which it destroys the human race of beauty, being real and accepting the uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses of each individual. At the same time without the struggle you go through to accept yourself and fight to be who you are, you wouldn't grow and have the love, compassion and acceptance you now and continue to have or will come to have for yourself and others. You can either let it make you bitter or better and of course I hope you let it make you better which is indeed very hard in a world that tries to constantly to pull you down.

I will always stand up and be rebellious to push the boundaries to be different and be who I am because of the way conformity destroys us from being and loving who we are. I encourage you to do the same and embrace all of who you are because that is where happiness, health, love and success comes from and by the way YOU deserve all of these things!

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Rainbow :) xoxo

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Eccentric Barbie Doll!

"Be your own kind of beautiful"

Top: Chica Booti
Skirt: Supre
Fishnet stockings: Bras N Things (Put on top of pink/black tights)
Belt: Op shop
Necklace, head band and ring: Equip
Shoes: Clearance shoe shop
Make up: Created with the Manly 120 eyeshadow palette (can be bought on Trade me or Ebay) and Models Prefer Very Sexy Colour Palette.
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Rainbow :) xoxo

Thursday, 23 January 2014

How To Find Peace During Meditation!


How many of you can think about nothing and clear your mind during meditation? (I totally admire if you can!) Do you find it hard to relax or find mediation useless? ... Meditation is a wonderful way to discover yourself, grow/learn from your past and to help fight for your dreams so I'm going to share with you how I found my inner peace during meditation!

When I was in my main phase of recovery I tried meditation a few times and got entirely frustrated as I had heard/read growing up that meditation is where your meant to "clear your mind and think about nothing... just nothing" The more I tried to not think and relax the more my mind threw bad thoughts and images at me (keep in mind this was also linked to my ED) my mind would race and I would feel more upset then I did before the meditation. I then had read somewhere to breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity, this linked in with visualisation for me and I was able to discover a place where I could breathe out negative images and breathe and live in a positive world that I was fighting towards.

As time has gone on I have developed what I like to think about more in depth and have created positive phrases to go along with it. I like to think of a place in which I feel safe, loved, happy and inspired... this just so happens to be a rain forest with a waterfall, greenery, flowers, animals and... a rainbow ;). I like to think of my goals/dreams and what I feel grateful for in my life. I imagine myself lifting weights in the rain forest, having a photo shoot for fitness magazine covers, giving motivational speeches and reaching out and inspiring others, being surrounded by my family and friends, giving them hugs and laughing with them. I also combine this with positive key phrases my main one is usually "I'm stronger, fitter and healthier everyday" but I also include "I can and will achieve my dreams", "I love my family and friends", "I love myself inside and out", "My talents are in demand" and many other positive phrases. This becomes a very happy place for me to be in to remind myself of everything I'm fighting for and all the beautiful things in my life.

Different things work for everyone, there is no set answer, I believe not "clearing your mind" and actually thinking, using visualisation and positive self key phrases towards your goals/ dreams and what you are grateful for during mediation is hugely powerful to find inner peace and to never give up on the beauty that is life. I believe it's so powerful because you are speaking and visualising kindly and lovingly to your mind, body, soul and spirit which in turn reflects and radiates on and into every part of your being. 

My Top 5 Tips On How To Relax During Meditation!
  1. Pick your surroundings: Where is a place you feel you belong, calming, happy or inspired? Forest, ocean, clouds, lakes, hills, river etc.
  2. Find your world: What are you grateful for in your life? What are your goals and dreams? Imagine what your grateful for and showing love for these things. Imagine you're physically doing your goals and achieving them and also imagine your emotions... feeling strong, laughing, loving, smiling etc. The key is to really feel and see yourself doing these things.
  3. Breathe out negativity and breathe in positivity: On your out breath push away negative images and thoughts and in your in breath, breathe in positive ones.
  4. Positive Key Phrases: Develop positive key phrases for your goals and what you are grateful for. For the first few times or when you solely want to focus on one aspect of your life I encourage you just to focus on 1 key phrase during your meditation. It could be anything from "I am grateful for my life" "I can and I will achieve my goals" "I love my family and friends" "I love myself" or one of my favourites from Louise L Hay is "Life loves me". Repeat your key phrase over and over again in your head while you visualise your goals and gratitude. As you meditate more I encourage you to add more positive key phrases.
  5. Practise and dedicate!: Practise the art of meditation and dedicate yourself to 10 minutes daily or if that's too much for you try 10 minutes 3 times a week. Soon enough you'll find peace within yourself!
Inner peace through meditation is possible and I encourage you try and find a way that works for you. Discover your happy place where you are making your dreams come true and that you are grateful for the life you have.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21 Places To Visit Before You Die Part 3!


1. France, Paris: Disneyland

2. USA, Leesport, Pennsylvania: Warhouse Gym (So I really want to live, train, eat and sleep here ;D)

3. New Zealand, Auckland and Edgecumbe: Spookers/Cornevil (Haunted Attractions)

4. Italy, Piedmont, Claviere: Tibetan Bridge

5. Maldives: Underwater Bedroom Suite

6. Peru, Andes: Sacred Valley Of The Incas

7. Japan: Purple Wisteria

8. USA, Vermont: Magical Tree House

9. Georgia, Abkhazia: Krubera Cave (Deepest known cave on earth!)

10. Mexico, Mexico City: Nautilus House

11. Scotland, Staffa: Fingal's Cave

12. Norway, Kjerag Mountain: Base Jumping

13. Germany, Dresden: Musical House When It Rains!

14. Taiwan, Near Sun Moon Lake: Lighted Cherry Blossoms

15. Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver: Capilano Suspension Bridge

16. Germany, Kromlauer Park: Devils Bridge

17. Hawai: Tree House

18. China, Beijing: Water Cube

19. USA, Orlando: Universal Studio

20. France, Paris: Palais Garnier

21. Slovenia: The Bled Gorge

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Bubble Gum Scene Chick!

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."
-Oscar Wilde

Dress: Supre
Tights, necklaces and bow: Equip
Shoes: Asian shop in Queen street, Auckland

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

25 Ways To Naturally Fight Depression!

  1. Exercise: One word for you ENDORPHINS!!! :D
  2. Healthy food: A lack of vitamins and minerals can a contribute to depression so stock up on healthy foods and limit junk to help fight the darkness baby!
  3. Sleep: Have a set time each night to get adequate amounts of sleep, no screen time 30 minutes before bed, turn clock around and maybe even a bit of hanky panky *wink wink* to ensure for a refreshing nights sleep and regulation of hormones.
  4. Support: Have a strong positive support system around you, that you can openly talk to and that help you through.
  5. <3 the little things: When the days are dark it's the little things that can remind you why you love life such as sitting outside in the sunshine, playing in a playground, going for a walk, getting dressed, watching your favourite movie or the innocence of children etc. So take time to enjoy the little things because they are the greatest gifts to help you through.
  6. Bath with essential oils: Relax and read a book!
  7. Music: Sometimes you can feel so alone and disconnected that no one understands except music so plug in for a few hours and just dream.
  8. Spend time in nature and with animals: The world truly is a land of magic so get out into the green grass, flowers, waterfalls, rainbows, sun, rain, wind, snow and really feel the magic of it! Also spend time with animals they truly do help to fix a broken and dark soul. (The best thing I love about animals is they don't judge, you can just give and receive love and company, plus they're just so FLUFFY! :p)
  9. Flaxseed oil OR fish oil and St John's Wort: These 2 things together are a great natural herbal way to fight depression!
  10. Colour up your life: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink! Dress in brights, decorate your room with colours and buy colourful things etc! There's just a certain happiness and joy about colour so turn that black into neon lights ;D Totes was trying to make Demi Lovato Neon Lights joke... Tehe
  11. Take a holiday: Get out and spend time in a different place and with different people, let go of anything your holding onto and enjoy.
  12. Cuddles: Who doesn't love warm fuzzy cuddles?!?!
  13. Cover yourself in positivity: Happy notes, body butter, glitter, sequins, nail polish, funky socks and sexy underwear!
  14. Discover what you truly want in life: Brain storm what's contributing to your depression and what you truly want for and in your life. Plan ways to cut out what's not working and what you need to do to move forward and make that magic happen!
  15. Buy yourself flowers: Lilies, roses, tulips, daffodils, real ones or fake ones and take in the colour, smell and beauty.
  16. Get out of the house: Staying inside your house consistently will really draw the monster in so fight that asshole and make that step to get outside. Ask a friend or family member to help you out and take you somewhere. Zoo, gardens, a walk, theme park, museum... just some where that makes you smile.
  17. Watch Magic Mike ;): Hehe need I say more!
  18. Ride a bike Have a flower basket and ride down the streets carefree, feel the wind in your hair and birds singing.
  19. Become a yoga addict: Relax, stretch and be proud of yourself.
  20. Blow bubbles, play knuckle bones, hand ball and hop scotch: Embrace your inner child!
  21. Get off Facebook: Facebook has strong links to contributing to depression so deactivate for awhile and you'll start to find you're not comparing your life to everyone else's so much!
  22. Pull pranks and scare others: Mwahahaha don't pranks just get you excited?!?! :D Youtube some funny but not stupid ideas and pick ya victim!
  23. Giggle, snort, giggle, snort and giggle some more: Nothing like fits of giggles and giggling more because you or someone else snorted! Just don't giggle and shit because then you have a problem :p
  24. Draw your depression and name it: To be able to physically see it can help you deal with it and beat it. So whip out that creativity!
  25. There is light: It might be tiny but there is always light and beauty in life so stay fighting and you will get through the tunnel to find the land of magic!
*If you struggle with really bad depression or mental illness please seek professional help!

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Rainbow :) xoxo

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

21 Places To Visit Before You Die Part 2!

1. Norway, Trolltunga: On The Edge


2. Japan, Kyoto: Daigo-ji Temple


3. China, Yunnan, Lijiang: Blue Moon Valley


4. USA, California: Yosemite National Park "The Thank God Ledge"


5. Cambodia, Siem Reap Province, Angkor: Ta Prohm Temple


   6. Canada, Alberta: Banff National Park, Valley Of Ten Peaks


 7. Holland, Kaatsheuvel: Efteling, Forest House


8. Hawaii, O'ahu Island: Haiku Stairs


9. France, Provence: Lavender Fields


10. New Zealand, Waitomo: Glowworm Caves

11. Spain, Valencia: Garden Passage

12. USA, Vermont: Hollow Farm


13. Norway, Rogaland: Kjerag Mountain, Kjeragbolten Boulder Wedged


14. Japan, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki: Hitachi Seaside Park, Blue Fields


15. Mexico, Quintana Roo, Bacalar: Swing


  16. Colombia, Meta: Cano Cristales, River Of 5 Colours also known as "The Liquid Rainbow" (Appears in many colours including blue, green, red, yellow and black!)

17. USA, Oregon: Oneonta Gorge



18. Croatia: Plitvice Lakes National Park In Winter


  19. Africa, Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls


20. Netherlands, Overijssel, Giethoorn: Village (No roads, can only travel by boats!)


  21. Argentina, Perito Moreno: Glacier

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Photos from:

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Theme Song!

Yes, yes I did promise I would share my theme song to my life so here it is! I wrote this in my main phase of recovery. It came from watching Ferngully and also hearing the song "Life Is A Magic Thing" by Johnny Clegg in the movie. When I made the choice to choose recovery there were so many things I dreamt of, I started to see life as a land of magic as there are so many things to go see, do, achieve, be and to live for. I then ended up naming my bucket list after it.

Now I would sing this for you... and I can sing... just not in tune... so I won't scar you for life ;D I highly encourage you to write a theme song to your life and share it or if you wish to a post a video of you singing and making up the tunes to my theme song you can post them on Rainbow-Rose's Land Of Magic Facebook or send them to gothbow@gmail.com I would love to read/hear them! :D

(Que happy, punky rock music)
I'm Rainbow-Rose
Let's make life
Different, colourful
Magical and wonderful!
We shall celebrate
and spread love
Cause life's a fairy tale,
A treasure hunt
A land to explore
Lets see what we can make of it!
Go on explore...
See what you find
Love what you see
Be what you breathe
And be all that you dream!
I'm Rainbow-Rose
And I'm going to explore
The land of magic
Why not come along and join me?
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Rainbow :) xoxo