Thursday, 27 February 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Punk Cat Woman!

 "No matter what they tell you, you don't have to stay within the lines"

Top and belt: Op shop
Skirt: Supre
Tights: The Warehouse
Gloves: Kathmandu
Cat ears: $2 shop
Chain: Given to me
Make up (Black smokey eyes and purple lips): Created with the Models Prefer Very Sexy Colour Palette.

With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Recipe For Magic Making!
Faith, trust and pixie dust... who doesn't want the power of magic on their side? However:

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"- Roald Dahl 

I believe manifesting magic into your life is your own creation: what you put out into the universe comes back to you. If you put out good, positive and hard working vibes that's exactly what life will give back to you: a life filled with positivity, enjoyment, love, happiness, dreams and fulfillment. 

Your dreams don't just get given to you and if they were you wouldn't appreciate them and would probably give them up just like that and move on to the new best thing. Dreams come with hard work, struggle and even hate from others but that creates strength, courage, empathy, knowledge, fearlessness and maturity within you along with many other traits you need to pick up along your journey to be the person you are destined to be. Don't let these challenges and obstacles crush you, you are worth more than that so instead use the power of your magic!

You create your own magic and of course it has it's very own special recipe full of strong and sparkling ingredients so here is my recipe for making magic!

My Recipe for Magic Making!
  1. Sprinkles Of Positivity: No one hurt their eyes looking on the brighter side of life ;) A positive attitude goes along way and will welcome many open doors and opportunities. Trying times will test this but always remember that life loves you and that you are the key to your own happiness.
  2. All The Love In Your Heart: Love makes the world go round, now on 1...2...3 AWWWWW :p With out all the love in your heart for what you do/want to do and the people around you, you become hateful, negative, trapped and miserable so trust me open your heart and pour all your love into your dreams and watch the magic begin.
  3. A Bowl Of Passion: Why are you doing what you're doing? Look within and discover your reasons and constantly remind yourself what? Why? Who? Where?.
  4. Cupfuls Of Dedication: To achieve your dreams and to make magic daily you need to be dedicated. Make it a priority, turn up, do the work, tackle the obstacles and never ever give up!
  5. The Biggest Spoonful Of Gratitude: Be thankful for what you have, the people who are there for you and help you, be grateful for your journey and your struggles because being stuck up and egotistical is not helpful to you or anyone else it makes you look like a dick and selfish which is not attractive in any shape or form!
  6. Your Secret Ingredient Of A Fearless Style: Be fearless with who you are, your decisions, the way you act, speak and walk. Own your style and fuck other peoples opinion of it!
Remember YOU create magic and what you give and receive in your life! BTW while you're doing your magic making throw glitter around often... there is something very magical about this... you'll see what I mean! Happy magic making! (You're having dirty thoughts aren't you? I like you ;D... Now make those dreams come true!)

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Rainbow :) xoxo

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Freedom Playlist!

  1. Simple Plan: Ordinary Life
  2. Avril Lavigne: Rock 'N' Roll
  3. Simple Plan: The Rest Of Us
  4. Paramore: Ain't It Fun
  5. Katy Perry: Roar
  6. Demi Lovato Feat Cher Lloyd: Really Don't Care
  7. Avril Lavigne: Nobody's Fool
  8. Ke$ha: Warrior
  9. Simple Plan: Outta My System
  10. Sum 41: Underclass Hero
  11. Ricki-Lee: Raining Diamonds
  12. Thousand Foot Krutch: War Of Change
  13. Avril Lavigne: What The Hell
  14. Jesse McCartney: We Can Go Anywhere
  15. Ke$ha: We R Who We R
  16. Skye Sweetnam: Just The Way I Am
  17. Orianthi: Courage
  18. T.I. Feat Rihanna: Live Your Live
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Modern Day Duchess!

"Self love, self respect, self worth. There is a reason they all start with "self". You can not find them in anyone else".

Singlet: Supre
Skirt: Supre
Tights: The Warehouse
Necklace, bracelet and headband: Equip
Gloves: $2 shop
Handbag: Given to me
Make up: Created with the Models Prefer Very Sexy Colour Palette.
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

5 Bad Ass Body Modifications!

1.Tongue Splitting

According to (Tongue splitting, 2014), tongue splitting is where the tongue is split from the tip to as far back as the underneath of the tongues base. Tongue splitting can be done by a body modification professional, oral or plastic surgeon. There are a few methods to split the tongue one of those is using a scalper to cut down the middle and stitching each side together. Before doing this some people will have a fully healed tongue piercing where the back end of the split will be which usually stops the tongue from healing forward from the back of the cut which would create a split not as deep as wanted.

Another way to split the tongue is cauterizing (burning part of the skin to stop bleeding) and can be done with a argon laser or cautery unit which both burn the tongue in two shutting off the blood vessels and stopping the majority of the bleeding.

A method that someone can do themselves is the tie off where a fishing line is tired through a current healed tongue piercing to the tip of the tongue and tightened. When the line has cinched through the tissue and becomes lose, it is cut out and a new tighter line is placed in to continue the cut. This way can take a few days to a few months and lets the tongue heal as it's being split keeping blood loss to a minimum and no need to have stitches or cauterizing.

Tongue splitting takes about 1-2 weeks to heal which can make it hard to eat and a lisp might develop while the tongue is healing. The procedure can be reversed if desired but it is more painful than the splitting itself.

Doesn't this look like fun? ;D 

2. Surgical Elf Ears

3. Corset Piercing

According to (Corset piercing, 2013), a corset piercing is a group of surface piercings side by side to look like a laced corset. Usually worn for photo shoots, events and fetish reasons as a temporary piercing as the risk of rejection and migration is quiet high for surface piercings. Although as a permanent piercing the most success has been found using surface bars and not lacing the piercing until it is healed as the lace adds pressure increasing the risk of rejection and migration. Once healed a special bead with a ring can be placed on the end of the bar and the piercing can be laced.

4. Being A Tattoo Freak

This is Zombie Boy who's real name is Rick Genest. The majority of his body is tattooed as a living skeleton and he has worked in different sideshows and freak shows. If he looks familiar you may have seen him in the likes of Lady Gaga's Born This Way video and in fashion editorials. This sexy beast is added to my list of future husbands ;)

5. Ear Stretching

According to (Stretching (body piercing), 2014), ear stretching is a popular body modification in which healed ear piercings are stretched bigger. Stretching your ears can be done in several ways with the most common being tapering which uses lubrication and tapered ear rods to push the thinnest part of the rod through the ear until the widest part is level with the surrounding skin. The tapered rods come in many sizes and each taper should be left in for about a month before moving up sizes to allow healing.

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Everybody Knows Somebody...

Everybody knows somebody...

Eating disorders are a group of mental illnesses characterized by abnormal eating habits which may involve insufficient or excessive food intake detrimental to a person's physical and mental health. Eating disorders carry with them the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness including depression with Anorexia Nervosa carrying the highest rate.

Eating disorders can affect anyone... age group, ethnicity and sex however Anorexia and Bulimia are most common around the ages of 15-24 with 90% of sufferers being females and 10% males. Not everyone who suffers with an eating disorder is underweight; underweight is a symptom NOT the illness. Eating disorders are often associated with traumatic events, low self esteem, having a genetic predisposition to the illness and an inability to communicate effectively.

On average recovery from an eating disorder is 5-7 years. With treatment 60% of people make a full recovery, 20% make a partial recovery and the other 20% continue to suffer. Without treatment 20% of people with serious eating disorders die. (, 2011)
If you wish to learn and understand what it's like to have an eating disorder check out my post on Inside The Mind Of Anorexia: Why Someone Can't "Just Eat".

My advice on helping those with an eating disorder and preventing others from developing one is to educate those with eating disorders and others ESPECIALLY young girls and parents about eating disorders, self love, healthy eating and exercise, body image, positive coping mechanisms and how to deal with traumatic events, growing up and life changes as well as goal setting and knowing that no matter who you are you are loved and have someone to talk to.

That person that you know that is suffering with an eating disorder is going to need a whole lot love, support and empathy but also at times tough love and they will need to face the harsh realities of their illness as only someone suffering can make the choice to get better and to find something to fight and live for. Always remember that they are fighting a very powerful internal battle and that they do not choose to have an eating disorder but they do however have the choice to fight with the right treatment, motivation, love and support.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Be Your Own Valentine!

Valentines day can be a downer for a lot of people, an exciting day to celebrate romance with a partner or commercial nonsense to others. Whether you're single, in relationship or just don't believe in Valentines day I encourage you to be your own Valentine this year and to be in love with all that you are. Just because you have a partner doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself with love and same goes if you're single you shouldn't be hating on being single or wishing that some cute guy or gal is going to give a rose to you.... BUY THAT DAMN ROSE YOURSELF! ;)  

Valentines day is about love so I encourage you to be the love of your life and to treat yourself like it... buy yourself a rose, write a love letter to yourself, get dressed up, tell others that you love them, take yourself on a date, catch up with friends, spend time with family, jump on beds and blow bubbles etc. For more ideas check out my list on 22 Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day The Self Loving Way! 

I'm really excited for Valentines day this year and I plan on celebrating myself (May or may not be a big box of protein powder I gifted to myself tehehe :p) and of course I want you to be in love with and celebrate the beautiful, sexy and amazeballs person that you are! <3

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

May Your Dreams Come True: The Meditation Playlist!

  1. Ronan Hardiman: The Lord Of The Dance
  2. Vitamin String Quartet: Crushcrushcrush
  3. Hayley Westenra: Across The Universe Of Time
  4. Vitamin String Quartet: I Caught Myself
  5. Conjure One: Forever Lost
  6. Vitamin String Quartet: Emergency
  7. Ronan Hardiman: Celtic Dream
  8. Enya: Wild Child
  9. Canti In Gregoriano: Nato Canunt Omnia
  10. James Horner: Rose

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Tomboy Punk!

"Always stand up for what you believe, even if it means standing alone"

Chopped up t-shirt: Op shop (Pagani brand)
Red tank top: Farmers
Shorts: Glassons
Bandana: $2 shop
Spiked collar, arm warmers and shoes: Given to me
Make up (Black eyeliner and red lips): Created with the Models Prefer Very Sexy Colour Palette.

With love

Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 3 February 2014

22 Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day The Self Loving Way!
  1. Buy yourself a rose.
  2. Have a fairy bath with glitter, stones and flowers.
  3. Get up early and watch the sun rise.
  4. Search out new positions and toys and well you know.... *wink wink* :p
  5. Dress up in your sexiest outfit (corsets anyone? ;))
  6. Buy new sexy lingerie.
  7. Take yourself and/or some friends for a date day.
  8. Spend some time with kitty cats.
  9. Visit the gym and get an intense work out on ;)
  10. Go do something fun and rebellious.... A new piercing? Tattoo? Dance dare?
  11. Catch up with an old friend and laugh about old times.
  12. Wear fairy wings, a tiara and read your favourite childhood books in funny voices. (Even better go to the Library and do it!)
  13. Make a wish.
  14. Buy some chalk and go crazy creating street art.
  15. Buy a piece of jewellery and make it your self love totem.
  16. Forget about your ex, love yourself and let love from others in. 
  17. Wear bright red lipstick and create your own glitter high heels! Here's how: DIY Glitter Heels!
  18. Put on your favourite pyjamas and booty shake.
  19. Create a fort in your lounge, light candles (or buy fake ones) and get up to mischief.
  20. Search out your favourite positive quotes and create a collage.
  21. Jump up and down on beds while blowing bubbles.
  22. Dedicate yourself to self love.
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo