Wednesday, 30 November 2016

7 Tips For Writer's Block & Gaining Inspiration!

A lot of writers from time to time will experience writer's block and lack inspiration and that is why it's important to have some gems up your self to pull from so you don't completely stop the masterpieces of your work and your passion if you fall down that hole. Here are my tips and the places that I pull my inspiration from and I hope it helps you if you're ever in the depths of a block.
  1. Write Like Your Own Mentor: This is something I often do is write from a place of being my own mentor... What do I need to hear? What advice could I give to myself? What did my younger self need to hear?. I find not only do I gain inspiration from this but it's also rather healing and helpful to others too.
  2. Pull From Your Past Experiences: What can you pull from the experiences, heartbreaks and triumphs you've gone through? The people you've met along the way and their characters?.  
  3. Take A Break: Sometimes a break is in order to allow your brain to process, for ideas to come, for creativity to flow and for everything to work.
  4. Music, Movies, Books, Documentaries, Blogs, YouTube: All of these I personally find great at sparking subjects, ideas, inspiration and knowledge to write about in which my mind will often be fixated on for awhile and I'll be constantly thinking, questioning, pulling apart, putting together and trying to understand.
  5. People & Conversations: Now I'm no fan of small talk... I rather not talk to people majority of the time if that's going to be the interaction haha however in depth conversations one on one or in a small group... HALLELUJAH that can really set my mind buzzing. It's also interesting to bring up the same topics with different people to get their views on it and just listening and being able to take from someone else's struggles and triumphs and have it inspire you.
  6. Social Media Stalk: This may sound like a weird one and yes I freely admit to social media stalking...some people go to university to study... I social media stalk... hahaha (please don't send me to prison :p). I love analysing social media and why we post what we do and the culture of it and well depending on what pages you've liked and who you're friends with... interesting articles and content can come up and make you think, spark ideas and set off creativity with quite a buzz. I also love stalking people on social media and analysing what they've posted or links they've shared... it's interesting to me... fascinating and I often do it in hunt of some sort of inspiration, knowledge, understanding, questions and well not gonna lie sometimes I have a good ole fashioned stalk to see who that hot guy is or who that regular I see all the time is. *I swear people will start putting things on private now that I've said all of this... XD*
  7. Zone Out & Imagine: I love to zone out, I talked about this in my Daydreamer post... I go to another world and be where and whoever I want to be... I'm in another world and my imagination runs free, I get into weird silly moods, I often head bang to music and lip sync... oh how I wish I could be a singer or play an instrument! I will also often just lay there and dream to music... this state often sparks off creative ideas for me.
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 28 November 2016

With Brave Wings!

Bravery may not always look like what you think it looks like it and it may not even feel how you think it should feel... such steps and challenges that come your way may possibly feel beyond scary, sickening, incomprehensible, unachievable and dark. I promise you though when you look back with time you'll see a trail nothing short of astonishingly brave and beautifully badass, so for whatever path you may be on right now I want you to know that your bravery is burning bright within your wings even when you feel it's non existent and one day I promise you that you will see the bravery in your wings and the bravery that you sprinkled behind. 

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo

Friday, 25 November 2016

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Motivational Fitness Songs And Speeches!

In the name of fitness motivation this week here are some of my personal favourite motivational speeches and songs from everything to rap, rock, dubstep and yoga/mediation music. Please feel free to add your favourites down below!
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo

Monday, 21 November 2016

10 Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Fitness Journey!

The beautiful Marianne from Don't Burst My Bubble (which if you haven't heard of her by now where have you been?!?!?!, she is currently doing a really cool series of her own journey of learning Yoga which you should most definitely check out!) asked for some fitness related posts on motivation which I thought was a wonderful idea so here we are! Enjoy!

  1. Find An Activity You Enjoy: There is something for everyone in the exercise department whether it's lifting, running, yoga, pilates, parkour and free running, crossfit, calisthenics (body weight exercises), walking, cycling, boxing, swimming, fitness classes and many more... there will be something you like so explore, try, find and enjoy!. If you enjoy doing it the more likely you are to do it and to stick with it. However there is most definitely a time and place to do exercise/exercises that you hate... to strengthen your weaknesses and to challenge yourself *I have my internal and external tantrums over such things at times haha!*
  2. Goals: Set big massive goals and then break it down into smaller goals and ask your self Why am I doing this?, Why do I want this?, Write it down, keep a mental list, draw it, paint it and remind yourself often!. With your goals make them sustainable... slow and steady wins the race!. While small changes may seem pointless and frustrating it's better than going full steam ahead then crashing and burning 2 weeks down the road! If you feel you can only stick to working out 2x per week then do it... nail that and bump it up to 3 or 4x per week. If you want to achieve results you are going to have to learn consistency, also make sure your goals are in line with what you're doing or vice versa because if you want to do a pull up but are doing boxing... it's probably not going to go so well... in other words have a exercise plan that's going to help you in achieving your goals. Lastly find ways to measure your progress, that could be that you are lifting heavier, running faster or longer, doing yoga poses that you couldn't before, taking progress photos etc. This can motivate you to keep going forth and to feel proud of what you have achieved.
  3. Prepare: I prepare all my food and pack my bags the night before, I also pretty much sleep in my gym clothes XD... so I can roll out of bed eat my preworkout meal (breakfast) and go. By preparing it makes everything that bit more easier to go get it done!
  4. Find Your Time Of Day: Some people find they have more motivation to exercise at a certain time of the day... I'm a morning person... so that's when I train majority of the time except for the odd time when something mucks up my schedule or I'm doing something a bit different. I suggest finding YOUR time and make it work for you where possible... though some of you will work better with different times of the day depending on your schedule... find that place that works for you of making it a part of your routine. 
  5. Make It A Priority: You make other things in life a priority so if you want to achieve results and stay motivated make health and fitness a priority. If it's important to you... find a way! It might mean getting up earlier, doing at home workouts if you can't or don't want to be part of a gym, doing an intense 30 minute workout if 60 minutes is too time consuming, you might find having a workout buddy is good for you so you can't let each other down or simply make it your YOU time!   
  6. Visualisation And Music: I love to visualise when I train, I like to visualise my pain, events or people that have hurt me, things that I want to help change in the world that also tie into my goals, things that I'm fighting for, my goals or just pain I see in people. I love to get angry when I train... it's a huge form of therapy for me. I was talking to my trainer a few weeks ago and he said on a really heavy rep or last few reps he thinks of his kids... so always remember that visualisation is a powerful tool... use it! Music... is too a very powerful and motivating tool, amp yourself when you're feeling low and unmotivated with it and I personally love the combination of good music and visualisation while training! (Gym music playlist coming Wednesday so stay tuned! ;) Hahaha tuned!)  
  7. Progress Not Perfection: Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will be what you want to achieve... it's years and years upon training and like I said before consistency. Focus on the progress you make and the empowerment you feel, the things you have learnt about yourself and your training along the way. If you solely focus on perfection at some point it will mess you up!. Celebrate your progress... buy a dress, get a tattoo or buy yourself some flowers! 
  8. Change It Up: Doing the same workout plan for long periods of time is going to stop you from progressing and is also most likely going to get boring and unmotivating. Your body actually adapts to your workout plan after about 4-8 weeks so change up your workouts to give yourself something fresh, exciting and challenging to do! 
  9. Good/Bad & In Between: You'll have amazing work outs, you'll have days where you set personal records, hit your goals, see progress, you'll have ok workouts, you'll have workouts where you just know it felt sooo good to workout and you'll have workouts that suck, you'll feel tired, drained and days where you don't want to workout... it's ok, it's part of it. Not everyday is good nor do we feel good every single day so same goes for working out... hold your vision of what you want and go and get it done and try and find something good in your shitty workouts... it might be that your squats were really good or that you really enjoyed one of the yoga poses or it could be that you did and finished your workout.
  10. It's A Journey: As many of you know I started from beneath rock bottom... I was proud when I started at the gym that I could even dumbbell chest press 3kg each hand, my trainer had to put me in a box push up which is easier than knees because I was so weak. Along the way I've dropped the bench press bar on myself... twice... one of the times I was wearing a big bow and makeup ha!, I've had terrible form on an exercise that's highly dangerous to do so several times... with trainers 2 of the times having to tell me that my form was shit (then they helped me work on it after telling me). I've been the weakest in a group of people and also the non fittest looking in a group of people...I've been around people who have been training for YEARS. I've injured myself from overtraining and have had sickness hit me (Glandular fever about 3 months into your journey is not fun!), I've walked to the gym in the dark, the cold and the pissing down with rain and I've cried through meals. I've also reached goals and achieved things that I've dreamt about that are so precious and amazing to me, I've fallen in love and have a strong passion for what I do and I have learnt SOOOO MUCH! I've made mistakes along my journey, I've failed in parts of my journey and I've also succeeded and I'm also still learning. Always remind yourself it's a journey... anyone you look up too has had to walk a journey of their own to be where they are and to achieve what they have... and so will you, it won't always be easy but it will be worth it.
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo